Brand Story

PRYZM/ˈprɪz(ə)m/ is an Egyptian apparel brand inspired by the lifestyle that the new-age sports have created, whether it’s fitness, martial arts or watersports. These newly emerging subcultures have created an interesting lifestyle that combines movement, adrenaline, and art.

The word PRYZM, is derived from the word Prism, we believe that through movement and art we can make life more colorful just like a prism refracts white light into more colors. The two arrows facing down resembles the feeling we get while having adrenaline rush something we feel when we are practicing our passion.

Our vision is to become the first Egyptian lifestyle apparel brand that goes global, our mission is to allow people to represent their passion in their everyday wear. We are proudly 100% homegrown, our products are made on Egyptian soil by skilled Egyptian hands out of Egyptian cotton blends, our designs are inspired by the passion of the people who wear it.